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Lily58L Split Keyboard PCB

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  • KC10040_MX-BK
REV1.3 uses WS2812 LED's (not Sk6812 Mini) for underglow. This new improved Lily58 pcb... more
Lily58L Split Keyboard PCB

REV1.3 uses WS2812 LED's (not Sk6812 Mini) for underglow.

This new improved Lily58 pcb is called Lily58L (Lily58 Light) and has the following new features.

  • Support for one rotary encoder on each half
  • Support for Pimoroni Trackball module on master side
  • Underglow with 12 RGB LED's (WS2812 easier to solder)
  • Per key RGB LED support with SK6812 Mini-E (easier to solder)
  • Same shape/dimension as the origianl Lily58 pcb (compatible with all Lily58 cases)
  • LeadFree HASL PCB surface finish


  • Supports Kailh MX Hotswap Sockets
  • MX switches are compatible (not Choc)
  • Compatible with other Lily58 cases (with Trackball-Module, only 1.5mm thick top plates will work)
  • Includes 2pcs swapable PCB's


Separate solder parts kit includes:

  • 58x SMD Diodes
  • 2x Tactile reset switch
  • 2x TRRS jack
  • 2x Sockets for the oled display


You need:

  • 1x Solder parts kit (choose extra in dropdown)
  • 58x MX Kailh Hot Swap sockets
  • 58x MX switches
  • 2x Pro Micro, Helios, Puchi-BLE, or other clones
  • A Lily58 case
  • Keycaps
  • TRRS cable (4-pole)
  • Optional 0.91 OLED SSD1306 display
  • Optional 12x WS2812 (5050) LED's for underglow
  • Optional 58x SK6812 Mini-E LED's for per key light


Build Guide
QMK Keymap


Photos of the completed keyboard are for demonstration purposes only.
Please note that this pcb must be assembled (soldering) and does not include mcu, switches or keycaps.



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Customer evaluation for "Lily58L Split Keyboard PCB"
16 Mar 2023

Fast delivery, great DIY set.

17 Feb 2023

Great keyboard and DIY Kit

Good layout, alle components worked flawlessly. Manual was good. Check also my (more thorough manual:

4 Jan 2020

Great Keyboard and quick help from support when i had a question

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