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Piantor Split Keyboard PCB

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  • KC10187
The Piantor Keyboard is a beginner-friendly, easy-to-solder, 42-key or 36-key, diodeless, low... more
Piantor Split Keyboard PCB

The Piantor Keyboard is a beginner-friendly, easy-to-solder, 42-key or 36-key, diodeless, low profile aggressive column staggered, hotswappable and non-hotswappable, programmable ergonomic mechanical split keyboard powered by Raspberry Pi Pico or other compatible RP2040 boards.
It is based on the Cantor Keyboard.

Includes left and right PCB


  • Support for Choc V1 switches
  • Beginner friendly (less soldering, precompiled VIAL firmware, Gui to change layout)
  • Breakable pinky column (42-key to 36-key)
  • QMK and VIAL firmware support.
  • Open source 

You need:

  • 3D printed case (black PLA)
  • 2x Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Solder parts (2x TRRS jack)
  • 36/42x Choc V1 switches
  • Keycaps (Choc V1 switches need Choc keycaps, not MX)
  • Screws (M2x6mm)
  • Choc Hot-Swap Sockets (optional if you need Hot-Swap for the switches)
  • TRRS cable (4-pole)
  • Micro-USB cable


Photos of the completed keyboard are for demonstration purposes only.
Please note that this pcb must be assembled (soldering) and does not include mcu, switches or keycaps.

Design by Beekeeb

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