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PINECIL Replacement Shell
PINECIL Replacement Shell - Transparent
Pinecil transparent replacement, including button, sleeve, and screws.
€16.00 *
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PINECIL Replacement Tip Contacts
PINECIL Replacement Tip Contacts
2 pieces of copper clip that holds and contacts with Pinecil Tip.
€3.00 *
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PINECIL Soldering Normal Tip Set (Fine)
PINECIL Soldering Tip Set
Variants: Short Fine tips set ST-BC2: Length: 87.2mm / Weight: 8.6 grams ST-C1: Length: 88.0mm / Weight: 8.4 grams ST-ILS: Length: 88.3mm / Weight: 8.6 grams ST-KU: Length: 87.8mm / Weight: 8.6 grams Short Gross tips set ST-I: Length:...
€45.00 *
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Pinecil V2 - Smart Mini Portable Soldering Iron
Pinecil V2 - Smart Mini Portable Soldering Iron
The Pinecil is a smart mini portable soldering iron with a 32-bit RISC-V SoC featuring a sleek design, auto standby, open source firmware and it heats up to an operating temperature in just 6 seconds! Dual power input design: 1) USB-C...
€56.00 *