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CRKBD Split Keyboard (Corne, Helidox) Carbon Plate Case

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  • KC10021
This is a plate case for the open source CRKBD split keyboard. Holes for the standoff are M2... more

This is a plate case for the open source CRKBD split keyboard.

Holes for the standoff are M2 size.

  • 2x Top plates 100% Carbon (1.5mm thick)
  • 2x Bottom plates 100% Carbon (1.5mm thick)
  • 2x Acrylic Oled cover (2mm thick), after removing the blue protection tape, the cover is colorless
  • 8x Rubber feeds
  • Screws and spacer (stainless T6 Torx)
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Customer evaluation for "CRKBD Split Keyboard (Corne, Helidox) Carbon Plate Case"
20 Jun 2020

Such an awesome case. Just hope it's durable for transporting every day

This is my endgame case. It can not get better for me.
The only little doubt is how every day transporting (even inside a protective box or slave) will affect the carbon fiber especially at the edges.

Yes the carbon fiber! This is not a paint job as the previous comment stated! You can cleary see the layers at the cutouts and at the edges. You can even tell from the sound when tapping, not mentioned the bending stability yet....

Would definitely buy again, not seen it anywhere else. The only small improvement I could suggest is a little finish at the outside edges to prevent layer splitting (somewhen maybe in years;-) )

14 Nov 2019

Great but beware of shorts !

Overall it's a really good product, but it got 2 cons :
- It can short pins, nothing dramatic but I've wondered why I had 2 keystrokes when I pressed one key, turns out you have to put tape on the plate underneath the switchs if your solder points touch the plate (it's not a systematic thing).
- It is carbon fiber, but it's not really woven, it's a hydrodip (paintjob) but it's not really noticeable.
Pros :
- the swiches snaps on it because it's 1,5mm, which is better than with the acrylic plate
- you gain 1,5mm less of height overall because the backplate is also 1,5mm instead of 3mm for acrylic
Neutral :
- the sound is way less muffled than with the acrylic plate
Overall I highly recommend those plates, just put tape inside the backplate and you're good to go :)

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