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3W6 RP2040 Split Keyboard Kit

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  • KC10147
This is the new 3w6 RP2040 version. Instead of the old ATmega32U4, it uses a modern RP2040... more
3W6 RP2040 Split Keyboard Kit

This is the new 3w6 RP2040 version. Instead of the old ATmega32U4, it uses a modern RP2040 32-bit dual ARM microcontroller.

New features:

  • Onboard controller (RP2040) on both sides
  • 4MB (32Mbit) QSPI flash and 264 KB SRAM
  • Full Duplex UART split transport up to 1.5Mb/s
  • Handedness via eeprom (automatic dectect which one is the master side via VBUS detection)
  • 1x Blue user led (GPIO17) and 1x RGB led (WS2812) (GPIO25) on both sides, for layer or caps lock indication
  • ESD protection on all USB-C ports (also on the serial circuit)
  • Optional Pimoroni Trackball on both sides
  • VIAL firmware flashed on both halfs, open VIAL GUI and change the layout as you need


  • PCB's are completely assembled, only the Choc V1 switches need to be soldered on
  • USB-C connector on master side for computer <-> keyboard connection
  • USB-C to USB-C connection between split keyboard halfs
  • Support for Choc V1 switches (not V2)
  • Choc spacing (keycaps are closer to each other)
  • Low profile and lightweight
  • Aggressive pinky stagger

This split keyboard kit does not support hotswap, no multiple switchtypes, no encoders, no LEDs, no Oled display.


  • Left and right keyboard PCB (SMD components already assembled)
  • Top plates (black with silver 3W6 logo, FR4 material)
  • Middle plates (3D printed, black PLA)
  • Bottom Foam (self adhesive) 

You need:

  • 36x Choc V1 switches (no V2)
  • 34x Choc 1U keycaps
  • 2x   Choc 1.5U keycaps
  • USB-C cable
  • Short USB-C to USB-C cable to connect both halfs (15-30cm)
  • Solder and solder iron to solder the switches



Souce code for VIAL firmware and Precompiled VIAL firmware


3D printed parts made with high quality filament from Redline Filament (made in Germany, environmentally friendly paper spool).

Photos of the completed kit are for demonstration purposes only.
Please note that this kit must be assembled (soldering switches) and does not include switches or keycaps.

PCB and case design by weteor, RP2040 port by 0xCB

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Customer evaluation for "3W6 RP2040 Split Keyboard Kit"
1 May 2024

Solid keyboard, with several minor opportunities for improvement

Admin 3 May 2024

Hi Alex,
thank you for your review. What improvement do you have in mind?

Keycapsss Discord Server / Mastodon / Telegram

11 Apr 2023

Super low keyboard that is a pleasure to type on when paired with Sunset switches

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