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Pimoroni Keybow 2040 Macro Pad
Pimoroni Keybow 2040 Macro Pad - Bare (no switches/keycaps)
A luxe all-in-one 16 key mini mechanical keyboard with hot swap sockets and per key customisable RGB lighting. This is the bare bones edition, without keycaps and switches , for folks who would like to supply their own. The hot-swap...
€44.00 *
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A postage stamp sized RP2040 development board with a USB-C
Pimoroni Tiny 2040 - RP2040 development board with USB-C
A postage stamp sized RP2040 development board with a USB-C connection and 2MB/8MB of flash, perfect for portable projects, wearables, and embedding into devices. While we love the Raspberry Pi Pico we also wanted something smaller and...
From €11.00 *
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Pimoroni Keybow Kit (3-key)
Pimoroni Keybow Kit (3-key)
Keybow MINI is a 3-key version of the wildly-popular Keybow mini mechanical keyboard. Like its older sibling, Keybow MINI has RGB-illuminated, hot-swap, mechanical switches, and clear key caps. It's the perfect way to add a tiny macro...
€21.00 * €26.00 *
Pimoroni Trackball Breakout RGB LED I2C Front
Pimoroni Trackball Breakout I2C
A tiny, RGBW-illuminated, clickable Trackball Breakout that's perfect for adding navigation or control to your Keyboard, Raspberry Pi or Arduino projects. We've taken a trackball module from everyone's favourite fruit-flavoured phone and...
€14.90 *
Low Stock
DRV2605L Linear Actuator Haptic Breakout
Pimoroni DRV2605L Linear Actuator Haptic Breakout
This DRV2605L haptic driver breakout with linear actuator will really get you buzzing! The powerful haptic buzz (bzzz!) is programmable with a range of built-in patterns, or you can program your own. This little haptic driver and...
€15.90 *