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TRRS Cable 4-pole 3.5mm jack 25cm
TRRS Cable 4-pole 3.5mm jack
Length 25cm (10inch) 4 pole
€4.90 *
ErgoDash Mechanical Split Keyboard PCB MX
ErgoDash Split Keyboard PCB
MX White PCB: includes 2x ErgoDash PCB Rev1.2 compatible with Cherry MX switches and Mx Clonse like Gateron ...
€19.90 *
ai03 Keyboard Switch Opener 2-in-1 Aluminum
ai03 Switch Opener 2-in-1 Aluminum
Compatible with Kailh BOX, Cherry and Cherry clone switches design by ai03
€24.90 *
Rotary Encoder with switch for mechanical keyboards
Rotary Encoder with switch
Rotary encoder with switch function, on press down. Shaft diameter: 6mm (0.236 inch) 24 steps per revolution ( 24PPR)
€2.60 *
2x TRRS jacks 3.5mm
2x TRRS jacks 3.5mm
Compatible with many split keyboard pcb. (Levinson, Nyquist) Corne(Crkbd), ErgoDash, ErgoDash Mini, Lily58, minisplit, Split Infinitive
€1.99 *
Aliaz Zealios Tealios switch tester (9 switches)
Aliaz, Zealios, Tealios switch tester (9 switches)
Dye Sub Keycaps with switch details. Aliaz 60g, 70g, 80, 100g Zealios 62g, 65g, 67g, 78g Tealios 67g
€17.90 *
Corne Split Keyboard PCB - Kailh Hot Swap Low Profile Choc - CRKBD 2x PCS
Corne Split Keyboard (crkbd, helidox) PCB
Variants Choc White PCB: includes 2x Corne PCB Chocolate v2.1 This PCB version works only with Kailh Choc Hot Swap sockets (PG1350) & Kailh low profile switches. You also need the parts kit, 42x Kailh low profile switches, 2x Pro Micro,...
From €9.90 *
M3 Aluminium Screw 6mm anodized countersink aluminium eloxiert
M3x6mm Aluminium Screw M3 6mm anodized countersink
Color Picker match colors from images (left to right).
€0.70 *
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