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CRKBD Split Keyboard PCB (Corne, Helidox)

Corne Split Keyboard PCB - Kailh Hot Swap MX - CRKBD Mini-E
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  • KC10022_MX_WH
  Switch led's ( SK6812 Mini-E ) are easier to solder, due to the flat... more


  • Switch led's (SK6812 Mini-E) are easier to solder, due to the flat leads
  • You need 42x SK6812 Mini-E (switch rgb light) and 12x normal WS2812 5x5mm (underglow) for both sides
  • North-facing switches (Choc South-facing)
  • Pcb's not reversable anymore




  • This is the standard V3.0.1 version of the CRKBD Split Keyboard PCB
  • Includes 2x MX PCB v3.0.1 [Build Guide]
  • Uses WS2812 LED for underglow
  • This PCB version works only with Kailh MX Hot Swap sockets (PG1511) & Cherry MX and clone switches.
  • You also need the Parts Kit (choose from drop down menu), 42x MX switches, 42x Kailh MX Hot Swap sockets, 2x Pro Micro, TRRS(4 pole) cable, MX Keycaps, OLED SSD1306 0.91 (optional), 42x SK6812 Mini-E (switch rgb light) and 12x WS2812 5x5mm (underglow) for both sides.

Choc PCB:

  • V3.1 Choc PCB with support for SK6812 Mini-E for per key LEDs (LED order are the same)
  • Includes 2x Choc PCB
  • Uses WS2812 for underglow
  • Support for Choc V1 and V2 switches
  • You also need the Parts Kit (choose from drop down menu), 42x Choc switches, 42x Kailh Choc Hot Swap sockets, 2x Pro Micro, TRRS(4 pole) cable, MX or Choc Keycaps, OLED SSD1306 0.91 (optional), 42x SK6812 Mini-E (switch rgb light)and 12x WS2812 5x5mm (underglow) for both sides.

Light PCB:

  • This is the Light V2.0.0 version of the CRKBD Split Keyboard PCB
  • Includes 2x Light PCB v2.0.0 [Build Guide]
  • Support for MX, Choc V1 and Choc V2 switches
  • SMD or Through hole (easier to solder) diodes can be used
  • Optional: outer column break away 
  • No RGB LEDs, No Hot-Swap
  • You also need the Parts Kit (choose from drop down menu), 42x MX/ChocV1/ChocV2 switches, , 2x Pro Micro, TRRS(4 pole) cable, Keycaps, OLED SSD1306 0.91 (optional)

Parts Kit includes:

  • 42x SMD Diodes
  • 2x TRRS Jacks
  • 2x Reset Switches
  • 2x 4Pin Sockets (for Oled)


Photos of the completed keyboard are for demonstration purposes only.
Please note that this pcb must be assembled (soldering) and does not include mcu, switches or keycaps.


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Customer evaluation for "CRKBD Split Keyboard PCB (Corne, Helidox)"
12 Mar 2021

V3 crkbd in Europe!

Great PCB quality. I love the muted design, it's way calmer (not as noisy) visually than the previous crkbd versions. Not flippable.

Mini-E SMD LEDs make backlight soldering a breeze.
This PCB goes great with the Keycapsss FR4 corne case also sold in this shop.

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